The Family Care Act: a New Protection for Georgia’s Working Families

AfterSigningFCAFacebookThe Family Care Act was passed by the Georgia legislature and signed into law by Gov. Nathan Deal on May 8, 2017.  This law allows workers to use sick time they have earned under their employer’s policy for to care for the illness or injury of a family member.






Beginning July 1, 2017, this law covers:

Employers with 25 or more workers
Includes: public employers: cities, counties, school boards, etc.
Excludes: companies that offer ‘employee stock ownership’ plans

Employees who work 30 hours/week or more

Family members include child, spouse, parent, grandparent/grandchild and anyone claimed as a dependent on the employee’s tax return.

Family Care Days – up to 5 days per year of sick time earned by the employee may be used for care of a family member

The law does not require a company to have any specific sick day policy, simply to allow use of up to 5 days/year of the sick time they offer to be used by the employee for ill family members.

For more information call the 9to5 Job Survival Helpline 800-522-0925.

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